Buying a Home
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Buyers Info

What’s best for you?? Buying, Lease, or Land Contract.

Is Buying Best?

If considering buying, first thing to do is get pre approved. Enter your info below and we will get you linked in with the best mortgage professionals out there to ensure you have a rock solid pre approval. Not sure about your credit? It doesn’t hurt to try, enter your info below and let the experts help you. There are new programs coming out every day. Even if you have been turned down before, we help more and more people every day obtain that sought after pre approval letter. Already pre approved? Awesome enter info below and one of our buyer expert consultants will contact you right away to sit down and map out the perfect road to that dream home you’re looking for!

What about a Land Contract?

Land Contracts are great for those that have saved the down payment and are ready for home ownership but maybe have a little work still to do on the credit.Land Contracts can be as long or short term as you want and usually are worked backwards from, I’m comfortable at this monthly payment then to purchase price, interest rate, and in some a balloon payment at the end. Benefits of land contract include fixed end purchase price, tax breaks of “home owner” and freedom of changing things in home like paint, landscaping and other things you don’t get to do as a renter. Enter your info below for a list of land contracts available or to discuss having one of our investors purchase a home of your choice that you may land contract from them.

Are Rentals or Rent to Own more my pace?

Rentals are great for those who have work to do on their credit, lack of long employment history, or just don’t want that responsibility factor of home ownership. Perhaps you are only going to be here short term and don’t want to go through having to sell later. Some prefer not to have the worry of home repairs on their mind, if you’re any of these scenarios, then this would be a good road for you! Enter your info below and a lease specialist will contact you right away and get you set up with a plan to get you right into a new home for rent.

How does it all work?

#1 Call Elite Realty to make a custom plan that fits your personal home buying needs and time tables.

#2 Secure Pre-Approval (Elite can help with this) or Proof of Funds if buying cash.

#3 Drive by the homes you like from the lists Elite sends you and let your Elite Realtor know which ones you want to view inside. They go fast so don’t delay!

#4 Pick the new home that fits your needs and let an Elite Realtor negotiate the best deal for you.

#5 Once your offer is accepted do your private home inspection to see that the home is in sound condition.

#6 Appraisal is done by licensed appraiser to ensure value of home.

#7 Obtain homeowners insurance from company of your choosing.

#8 Title work is obtained to insure clear transfer of property free from liens or encumbrances.

#9 Mortgage underwriting is completed.

#10 Get utilities transferred to buyers name and seller final bills read.

#11 Set closing.

#12 Get keys and move into your new home!


We have a wide range of tools to help you make the best real estate decisions for both you and your family.  Below are a few resources to get you started in either your new home search or the sale of your current property.  Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions.

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The Team

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Erika worked magic for us!

My husband & I found ourselves in an emergency situation which made our moving timeline very short & our criteria very specific. Erika worked magic for us! She continued scheduling showings & kept us optimistic; making it all quite painless. We are so impressed by her. Looking forward to working with her again. Great experience overall!

Nika Jay

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