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The Buyers Choice Program

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It's a very overwhelming process, and up until now most buyers have been left out to dry having to find homes by driving around looking for yard signs, searching sites like craigslist or other 3rd party webpages like Trulia and Zillow. Sometimes if you’re lucky a Realtor will call you back and email you a list of homes from the MLS (if they remember). Its time to put a STOP to that! Our agents are out every day showing homes, writing offers, and making dreams come true. We have developed a unique TEAM system that focuses on you, THE BUYER. By implementing property profile sheets and hassle free showings, not only will this insure you are with an agent that best suits what you are looking for and will be most knowledgeable in that area, but with homes flying off the market as fast as they are sometimes its hard for a single Realtor to fit in all of his clients in a timely fashion. So, if for some reason your schedules don’t mesh our agents are able to call on a team member to make sure you get into the home ASAP and don’t miss out on the opportunity to view. We will also have a member of management meet with you along with a staff member to follow up and make sure things are going smoothly for you. We don’t want you to feel like just another number, home buying is a big decision and we want to make it an enjoyable one. 
Buyers Choice Real Estate
What else could we do to make the experience a better one? Well that’s easy, we can GIVE BACK! The BUYERS CHOICE PROGRAM was not only designed to help and show appreciation to the buyers, but also charities and other local organizations. So not only can you expect top of the line service every step of the way, but when it comes time to close on your home you will be qualified to receive one of the many perks offered with the buyers choice program.

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